Monday, June 14, 2010

Here we go...

Things are going great over here in the Coffey house hold. David had been doing a lot of work in various gardens around the county...Dale and Joys, My Mom and Dads, and our own (we just have a few buckets of strawberries and raspberries). The gardens are looking great and I can't wait until we have fresh produce to munch on.

Im still doing good. Im enjoying the summer off with my two little guys. There is never a dull moment! I signed Elijah and I up for a laptime session at the library once a weeks. We have only had it once so far but it seemed to go well. Zeke slept through the whole thing thankfully. I also got both boys signed up for the summer reading program and we are reading away. It will only be week two when we go back this week and Im pretty sure Elijah has read enough books to finish level one! (There are only two levels) He loves to read and have us read to him. Tonight he actually fell asleep in his bed while reading his book. It was too cute! Elijah is also learning his ABC's and numbers. We usually do them both a couple of times a day and I will find him counting his cars and tractors randomly while playing...not always in the correct order but with numbers non the less! Its so cute to see him growing and learning more and more each day. We have decided to offically switch Elijah over cloth diapers full time. Im hoping to go this week to ecobuns to pick his out. The ones Im getting for him are nice because they can fit newborn up to toddler so they fit both Zeke and Elijah so that when we get Eli potty trained we can use the diapers on Zeke! Eli seems to have a big interest in the potty lately. Whenever we do a diaper change he wants to sit on his potty. I hope that he potty trains early then we will only have one in diapers. I have heard that putting kids in cloth helps them to potty train fast so we shall see.

Ezekiel is doing really good as well. He is growing like crazy and is getting so long! We haven't had a weight cheek for a few weeks so we don't have an official weight to share. He is still nursing really well but he seems to have a problem with spit up. We can sometimes get him to burp but not to often. He spits up quite a bit like Elijah did. Elijah had reflux and Im wondering if Zeke has it to. With Eli we put a little bit of cereal in his bottle to help keep it in and that worked but with nursing you can't really add cereal to thicken it up. We have his 2 month check up next week and we will find out what his weight is, length is, and what we can do for his spitting up. Zeke can often times be found laughing and smiling in his sleep and its to precious. He is sleeping well through the night...about 6-7 hours before waking up to eat. He is still cloth diapered full time for the most part. We occasionally will use disposables mainly because we have a lot to use up. I will probably just sell what we dont use.

Picture time:
Elijah had to try out our new double stroller as soon as daddy finished putting it together. He claimed the front seat and started reading his books!

Ezekiel loves to sleep on his belly...back to sleep i know... I only put him on his tummy during the day when I am awake and right there by him to keep an eye on him. I do love the little butt in the air though!
Ezekiel and Elijah have matching diapers. They are the Thirsties duo diaper cover in blackbird print. I love this cover a lot however you have to use a prefold with it which isn't hard...unless you are trying to put it on a very squirmy wiggly 1 1/2 year old who hates being changes. But i do manage to get it on him somehow. lol

Elijah caught reading Daddys 'funnies' as we call them. He loves the comics just like his daddy. He usually will pick out and name all the trucks, tractors, cars, and fire trucks that he sees in them.

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