Thursday, September 18, 2008

Two weeks old already!

Wow its hard to believe that Eli is already two weeks old already! Things are going great now and we are all settled in. I'm doing much better after the c-section and getting around much easier, and I can drive now which is soooo nice! So a little about whats been going on the last two weeks. After we came home from the hospital we had to go back and get some more blood work for Eli's jaundice. His counts were pretty high so the doctor put him on a bili blanket which we had at home so we didn't have to go back to the hospital and it worked great. After 5 days his jaundice counts were way better and we were able to take him off the bili blanket! Also when we left the hospital his weight was down to 8 lbs even, (he was 8.11) when he was born and then when we went to the doc it was down even more to 7.11 so the doc put us on a new feeding routine and when we went back 5 days later his weight was back up to 8.6 so we were pretty excited about that. I think the doctor wanted to jump up and down, she was pretty excited as well. So here are some new pictures of our little guy.

Eli's first bath at home... he peed on himself when getting changed so a bath was important!

This picture is turned sideways but you can figure that out. He is laying in the sunlight to help with his jaundice. This was before we got the bili blanket.
family shot
Eli surrounded by turtles. on his onesie, and on the two blankets
Sleeping in his swing
sleeping in his bouncy seat with his turtle in front of him.
Mommy and Eli
lol this picture is sideways also. But its cute. David love Eli and always takes him right out of my arms as soon as he gets home from work. Hes such a great daddy!
Daddy and Eli taking a nap... daddy needed to be close to Eli.
you can kind of see the yellow of his skin in the picture from his jaundice. His coloring is so much better now

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alisonicole said...

I love all the pictures! Glad to see that Eli is doing well at home:)