Tuesday, August 05, 2008

baby update and more...

Hey today (8-5-08) went to the Doc... here is what he said:

Iron and blood pressure are good. I am 36 weeks and 3 days, measuring 39 weeks... he said its gunna be a big baby. Heart beat was 135-140 range. Im not dilated but i'm 30% effaced and the baby is starting to drop. He thinks the baby will be right around on time not really early or late. However he did say i would have it before september 3 because thats when he is going on vacation... lol i better have it before then! And lastly... he is guessing that im going to have a Boy.

This past weekend we went to Chicago to bring Davids aunt back to the airport. We had a great trip. We went to IKEA and then over to Bass Pro Shop which was right next door. Then we had a long time before we could check into our hotel so we decided to go to the Brookfield Zoo... I had never been there before and it was really run... but also pretty hot about 90 degrees the whole day. Here are some pics!

Me outside of IKEA! Yeah so happy! I love IKEA!
David at Bass Pro Shop by the cart thingy
At the ZOO Entrance
Me and a Zebra
A cool view of the giraffe through a fence

Me sitting on a giant turtle... not a real one but that is lifesize.the cute bear swimming in the pool . He stopped to look at us then went back under.
David playing the coin spinny thingy
Me chuggin some water keeping cool
this was just a funny sign we saw i had to take a picture of it. It asked if you wanted to stop and smell the poop.

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Judi said...

Hey Kristina and David,
Thank you SO much for taking me to the Airport Sunday (Aug 3). It was really fun to be with you and it sure helped me out! I can hardly wait to see if your doctor is correct in his guess that your baby is male.
Thanks again. Your pictures are fun.
~Aunt Judi