Friday, July 04, 2008

Baby Stuff...

So I went online today and found our baby bedding set that I wanted on sale for a good deal so I called David up who was out biking and asked if I could buy it and he said yes! So I ordered it up and can't wait to get it. It should be in by the 14th which is right in the middle of us moving to our new place so its being shipped to my moms house. I also ordered from Target the mobile, wall hangings and diaper stacker because we had a bunch of gift cards from there that we got from National City! So yeah, I'm finally getting my Turtle bedding and I'm so excited because now I can start setting up our nursery when we move... well I guess we have to buy the furniture first but Jen is taking me to Target to get that and she is getting me a good deal (20% off)! So I will be sure to post pictures of all the new stuff when we get it and of our new place.

Here is a reminder picture of what the bedding set, wall hangings, mobile, and diaper stacker look like! Aren't they so stinking cute... I guess I just love turtle so much!

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