Monday, June 16, 2008

An update on our lives!

Hi Everyone who reads this blog,

7 months or 29 weeks and 2 days

Today we went to the doctor for another check up. Everything is looking good. Heart beat is still at 150 which is where it has been the whole time so far. The baby is head down with its back to my left side and its butt up top where its supposed to be. David went with me to the doctor and got to hear the baby's heart beat for the first time and was pretty happy to hear it. He smiled so big. The baby loves it when David talks... I know this because when ever he does the baby starts kicking like crazy. I got David a book for Fathers Day called "I love my Daddy" and so he read it to the baby and it started kicking me. As far as weight gain I'm actually gaining. Taking what I have gained minus what I had lost in the beginning I am 3 pounds heaver then when I got pregnant. As far as a growing belly I grew 6cm in the last four weeks and the doc said that was a little more than average. I had my RhoGam shot last week and everything went good with that. We also sign up for our child birth classes that start July 21 - Aug 11 every monday so we get to look forward to that!

this picture was in February

This picture was taken June 16

Other things happening in our lives:

We are currently in the process of looking for a new place to live and we think we may have found the place for us. Its a two bedroom apartment, with a garage and a car port which is nice. It has washer and dryer hookup but no washer and dryer... and no dishwasher... bummer but thats okay because it is an end unit so there is a window above the kitchen sick for us to look out if we are doing dishes. And the view is of a nice big grassy yard with trees in the distance. It comes with a patio and lots of storage which is nice. Plus here is the really nice thing... its less than what we are paying now in rent and there is no one living above us or under us only one person to the side... and thats the side the garage is on. So we are pretty sure thats going to be our new home for the next year which is exciting because when we move I can start working on the nursery! YEAH.. so pray that everything goes well with our checks and that we can get the apartment and get everything packed and moved in a nice fashion!

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alisonicole said...

How exciting! Its definitely getting close to the due date:) Also, Hope everything goes well with the apartment!