Sunday, March 09, 2008

just an update...

Hey every one, things are going pretty good over here. Spring break is ending and now I have to go back to school... but its the last time I will have to do that! I graduate April 30!!!!! SO EXCITING!!!! I cant wait. I worked all week during spring break except for on Monday because we had Davids grandmas funeral that day. She will be missed but its good to know that she is in a place where she is whole and healthy again and with God! On Friday afternoon mom, my sisters and I went shopping in Birch Run at the outlet center and got some really good deals on all kinds of stuff. I bought my first few maternity cloths... wont need them quite yet but they were cute and a good deal so I got them. I also picked up some turtle baby clothes because I love turtles as you might have found out from my previous post with the turtle bedding. I've got a pretty good collection of clothes started for the baby. I'm doing okay so far. Ive been pretty sick, usually just in the morning but sometimes it lasts all day but I'm hoping it will be going soon... since I'm almost 16 weeks along. Thats almost hard to believe! The babies heart rate was 160 at my last appointment and everything sounded good. We will probably schedule an ultrasound at my next appointment which is at the end of the month so those pictures will be up here eventually. Davids doing good to, hes started working on his bike this weekend getting it ready for the spring. He got a bunch of bike stuff for Christmas he's been waiting to put to good use and the snow is finally starting to go way, which I am very happy about... so ready for Spring... my favorite season. We are also in the process of looking for a house to buy... our apartment isn't quite big enough for us to add a baby into so wish us luck with that. Its going to be intersting to buy a house and have to do all the painting and moving while being very preganant! Good thing my dad doesnt mind helping paint and that David and I have very helpful families that wont mind helping us move when the time comes.
okay the picture uploader is working now! so here are some pictures...

This is from when we went to Birch Run on March 7-8... We were in Gymboree and they had a section of turtle stuff right next to lemon stuff ... my two favorite things! and I have pictures to prove it!
We went out to Lake Michigan tonight to see the snow caps. They were really cool, and huge! David brought along his plane to fly, the picture above is of him jumping off of a sand pile to fly his plane, the one below I took of David and myself... pretty good eh? It was sooooooooo cold out there!

This is at the edge of the pier where the water has gone down.. there were icecicles and i thought it was pretty. Below is a picture of David with his airplane... king of the mountain!

There were really cool cliffs at the edge of the snow caps. People were actually crazy enough to go out on them... on couple even brought their little kid out there... crazy crazy... below is a hole that was in the ice at the end of the pier.

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