Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hey everyone, Grandpa made it through the biopsy alright, and he was moving his hand as he was coming out of the anastetic which is good. Grandma is home now and doing good. Family keeps an eye on her. I guess my cousin Kirk who is working in New Mexico might not be able to make it home for Christmas and he has been sort of home sick since he went down there. My cousin Danny who is stationed in Kansas with the army is supposed to come home for christmas as well as my cousin Cassondra and her Husband Dan who is in the army stationed in GA. and their daughter Savannah. I guess Savannah isnt walking yet. She is about a year and a half old. She is pigioned toed I guess you would call it. So she might have to wear braces on her legs to straighten out her feet so she can start walking. She also has a bad kidney that eventually will have to be removed.

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danamarie said...

Goodness, poor Savannah! Shes just a little munckin! Hope all is well for her! Your gparents too! Praying for you!